Intel to make Horse Ridge control chip more viable and scalable for quantum computers

Intel Labs has introduced a new cryogenic chip codenamed as Horse Ridge. The chip will speed up the development of full-stack quantum computers. The chip will help in the development of commercial-grade quantum computers.
The Horse Ridge control chip brings the capability required to build a large-scale commercial quantum system. The chip can control multiple quantum bits while offering the capability to build a large scale system. Intel has tried using silicon spin quit and superconducting qubit systems. Intel believes that the major challenge for quantum computing is interconnected and control electronics.
Production of qubits is not a challenge anymore as it already exists in multiple states at ones. The company has worked with a research partner QuTech at TU-Delft to test the Horse Ridge to control qubits. The control chip individually controls every qubit, allowing the system to hit a significant performance level in no time.
Horse Ridge SoC uses instructions that match to basic qubit operations. It uses complex signal processing techniques to translate instructions into microwave pulses that manipulate states of qubits. The prototype relies on existing electronic tools to link the quantum system inside the cryogenic refrigerator.
The news comes at a critical time when Intel is going through a rough week of competitive threats from rivals like Qualcomm, Arm, etc. All major tech firms have identified that Quantum Computing is a hot research space. IBM unveiled the commercial quantum computing system at CES 2019. Even Microsoft and AWS have outlined their own quantum marketplace strategy.

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