After Khoa Pug’s post, the price of DBZ coin fell to a record low

The price of cryptocurrency Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ) dropped to its lowest level on the evening of November 30. Previously, YouTuber Khoa Pug accused someone of being scammed 30 billion VND.

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According to data from CoinMarketCap , the digital currency of “diamond king” Johnny Dang set a new bottom at $0.0176 /DBZ at 11:39 p.m. on November 30 before rising slightly to $0.023 on the morning of December 1. This price movement took place while Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang continuously made offensive statements on social networks.

Previously, YouTuber Khoa Pug, who has posted many videos promoting DBZ, shared an article saying that a person cheated 30 billion VND to organize a birthday party.The price of DBZ coin fell to a record low after Khoa Pug’s video denouncing “being cheated by a person 30 billion VND”.

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“If you guys were bullied by a new, unknown friend, supported him as much as possible to make him famous today, spent billions of dong investing in him, then he cheated you 30 billion and then came back. *** What will you guys do if you call his scammers a million dollars? is part of a post on Khoa Pug’s fanpage. By the morning of December 1, the post had attracted nearly 100,000 interactions and 25,000 comments.

Although not directly mentioning the name, many people believe that the character in the article is Johnny Dang. Before that, the “diamond king” appeared in many videos of Khoa Pug to promote DBZ. However, after a while, this YouTuber deleted many videos featuring Johnny Dang to promote DBZ.

On the morning of December 1, the Johnny Dang VN fanpage shared a video titled “What Johnny Dang said about Khoa Pug’s actions”. In the video, Johnny Dang said he and Khoa Pug cooperated to promote DBZ token to Vietnamese users through this YouTuber’s video. The Diamond Boyz Coin team will pay Khoa Pug with a large amount of tokens.

“Many people think that the DBZ side has sold a large number of tokens. However, that is the number of tokens given to Khoa Pug. It was Khoa Pug who sold it,” Johnny Dang said in the video.

According to Khoa Pug’s alleged crypto wallet address shared by Johnny Dang under the video, this user sold a large amount of DBZ tokens more than a month ago. From November 1-9, the above account released nearly 16 million DBZ tokens. According to transaction data, the digital wallet Johnny Dang provides only holds a small amount of DBZ coins.

Previously, in the video broadcast on the evening of November 30, the “diamond king” said he had received information about Khoa Pug’s article accusing him of being cheated of 30 billion dong .

“The status line of Khoa did not mention my name, I think it was a misunderstanding. If it comes to me, what is being cheated must have proof… I also don’t know what he (Khoa Pug) meant for the project when he both wanted to take DBZ’s money and had other intentions, such as: ask fans to crash the DBZ,” Johnny Dang said in the video with a total of nearly 85,000 views.

In the DBZ investor group, many participants still expressed confidence in the token of the “diamond king”. “I invest because I believe in Johnny Dang and the project, determined to ‘hold’ until next year, so I don’t care about current affairs,” said investor Nguyen Long.

The uproar between Johnny Dang and Khoa Pug has been going on for nearly 2 months. After a period of promotional cooperation, in the video posted on October 7, Khoa Pug said that he did not call on viewers to invest in DBZ digital currency.

“I do not support and urge you to invest in coins, as well as DBZ”, Khoa Pug mentioned in the video. Many investors believe that Khoa Pug has sold all the DBZ that this YouTuber holds for personal profit.

In a video posted in mid-November, Johnny Dang confirmed that his relationship with YouTuber Khoa Pug is not really close. “I am not satisfied with Khoa’s behavior. However, I always respect each person’s choice and decision,” said Johnny Dang.